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MatlScience is an independent chemical and material science consulting  company that provides value-added solutions to our clients complex problems.

Our core competencies Material Process & Manufacturing Consultancy

Consultancy In The Marketplace

What are the packaging requirements for your products? We work with material suppliers to address your needs.


We can Help you:


• choose the right build of Material (BOM) to meet reliability and packaging requirements

• with the choices of Mold Compounds based on their chemistry and material properties,

Epoxy, Under-Fills, Protective Overcoats, Die Attach, Lid Attach, Organic Fluxes (rosin & water soluble) and Stress Buffers

• with chemical formulations and compatibility issues with ingredients

• with organic contamination in your system using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), GC Mass Spec and other analytical technics to determine the chemical structure of the contaminate and the source of the contamination

Our team spent decades enabling companies to make the most informed packaging design and packaging decisions to lower production costs, optimize yields and improve reliability.

Our local on the-ground presence enables us to collaborate with customers located in North America and Asia. We understand your challenges and will deliver an optimum tailored solution.

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