A Chemistry Kit that Inspires Fun, Laughter and Learning


Booom! The Magic Chemistry Kit®

Age: 8+

Enhance your classroom instruction using easy hands-on chemistry experiments developed for elementary and middle school lesson plans.


Designed to illustrate important chemistry concepts, these demonstrations aid teachers in their quest to inspire an understanding of the world through chemistry.

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Booom! The Magic Chemistry Kit®/Key Features


  • easy to use, easy to understand visual demonstrations and hands-on experiments.


  • the chemicals necessary to perform each experiment 12 times - repeatable, reliable, precise and accurate.


  • a detailed instruction manual to take you through each experiment step-by-step, including scripts and Frequently Asked Questions “FAQs.”


  • hints on how to tie each chemistry experiment into your teaching curriculum.


  • helpful tips to use the experiments to spark further discussion of related science topics.


  • an optional training session demonstrating each experiment and relating them to the real world.


Our diverse instructional kits give teachers and students the chemicals needed to perform fun and educational experiments to support, refute or validate their hypothesis in a classroom or other setting.

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